Casino UK Dares You To Watch Their New TV Ad

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Standing out from the crowd in the competitive online gambling industry in the United Kingdom isn’t easy, even if you have a great product with great games. Just ask Casino UK, one of the leading online casinos in the UK, which decided to break through the clutter with an irreverent new TV ad.

Making waves from the minute it hit British TV screens, the ad is set in a ladies’ loo, and starts with some unusual sounds emanating from one of the cubicles. Things get a little hot under the collar from there, as someone in the cubicle in question screams “What a big one!”. As she exits the cubicle with a phone in her hand, the lady reveals the cause of the questionable exclamation to someone else in the restroom and the real connection to Casino UK becomes instantly clear.

Watch the TV ad here:

While many viewers have seen the humour in the ad, it was nevertheless a risky move for Casino UK. Connor Reeves, Manager of Casino UK, explains: “This is a daring new direction for us. We wanted something that would make the viewer laugh but at the same time show how much fun it is to play at“.

The fun Reeves is referring to is made a lot more enticing with a special offer featured at the end of the TV ad, giving away £50 free to all new players on their first purchase of £20 or more.

“As we get bigger and better, we want to offer our players even more,” said Reeves. “We’re advancing on all fronts with better deals, the best entertainment and unbeatable convenience.”

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